For some reason I can’t post the pics on my blog, so they will come separate. Our new puppies, my temp. office for 160 hours, the snow, our yard, more puppies, the kids, & some everyday pics. Life has been crazy & hectic since I went back to work. Being my first job in 9 years, I love going to work 3 days a week! It’s not so easy getting everyone ready & out the door, but once I walk into the building, all that stress melts away. I get to be Heather for 7 hours a day without hearing Mom or having to clean up someone’s mess. It’s nice to be needed by adults for a change. The puppies, well 1 is doing well, the other is stubborn. I know they’re only 7 weeks, but it’s exhausting. It’s like having twins. I didn’t sign up for this. Hubby brought them home. Why do I get stuck caring for them? That is my life. Always the Mom! lol I’m thankful for my kids, but the puppies…well, hopefully it’s better soon.