ImageI took my DD15 & DD7 to the mall today to spend their gift cards they got for Christmas. We spent the day in Hollister, Wet seal, Justice, & the Food Court. Nearing the end of the day I told the girls we were going to stop in Dress barn (my new favorite store). I wanted to get some new dress pants for my first day of work tomorrow (this is my first day of work in 8+ years). I took 4 pairs to try on & they were all the same size. The same size I’ve been wearing for 6 months. Well, they were too big! way too big! I was so excited I swear I did the jig in the dressing room! haha DD7 was not impressed. So, I walked out of there feeling absolutely empowered. I was empty handed, but still felt great! I will get something for myself this weekend. I was afraid to try on the smaller size & they be too snug. So for tomorrow & the day after I am going to enjoy the fact that I am finally taking control of something in my life.