I can’t believe a new year is upon us. This year has gone by faster than normal. We’ve had our ups & downs. Weddings, funerals, births, parties, financial trouble, & everyday life. I am ready for a new year, a fresh start, a new beginning, some happy memories, & a better outlook in life. Why do we always wait until the new year for this? Is the beginning of a new year going to change that for us? Is it going to make all of our dreams come true? Will it provide us with a better year than last? I believe some of these things are beyond our control, but it’s up to us to make ourselves happy.  It’s that simple. So, here goes something…

1. I will make myself a better person this year

2. I will get to my goal weight.

3. I will smile more.

4. I will plan, organize, & budget our lives to make things easier.

5. I will enjoy my children more.

6. I will take time to smell the roses, even when there isn’t time.

7. I will take time for myself.

8. I will blog 365 days this year, even if it’s just 2 sentences.

9. I am going to start writing again. My Grandma wants to see a book in her lifetime. I need to get moving on it.

10. I am going back to college in 2012. YIKES!!!

11. I will surprise my husband this year with a weekend getaway as “Dave & Heather,” not “Mom & Dad.”

12. I will enjoy more moments than i did this year.

13. Pictures will be taken daily!!!

14. I will enjoy my life, no matter what problems arise.